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A dance tribute to ping pong

A DANCE TRIBUTE TO PING PONG: In December 2009, we reported in this column that Jo Stromgren Kompani had revived and was touring its late-'90s sensation A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football. Last month at the Festival Automne en Normandie, the Scandivanian dance troupe debuted a new show, about another sport with a passionate following: table tennis. According to the company, this production was conceived around the same time as the soccer show, which was a "shoestring" production never expected to have such longevity: "The new production maintains a fearless approach to popular culture references and represents the more pure dance style of the company. In addition, puppet theatre is particularly present this time, along with a voiceover in badly spoken English. The show's storyboard have deliberate similarities to the average American B-film script--a team of bleach-white youngsters are taught Eastern philosophy in record time and take ping pong to a transcendental level." Karate Kid meets avant-garde kineticism? Sounds like a concept that could bounce around the world's presenting houses for some time to come after a run at home in Oslo this month.

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What is the Standard size of a ping pong table?

Enter your text hEver heard of Ping pong? Of course you do! It’s a mini version of Tennis which explains the name “Table Tennis”. One of the most important thing about this sport is the “table” part. While it does not require a compulsory size like most other sport, it still has some proportions to follow. This article will show you what is the size of a ping pong table.

Ping pong (also know as table tennis) is among most popular sports to play in spare time. The game is simple with little requirement and most of all, available for all ages.

Despite the simplicity, ping pong isn’t lack of fun at all. It’s easy to play and also quite various to play. It ranges from recreation to professional competition such as The Olympic. In these special occasions, the size of ping pong is required to meet a specific standard.

However, as for recreation, there can be many option for the equipments. Balls and paddles are available in every sport store, and the table isn’t that hard to make one yourself at home.
To make a proper ping pong table, you have to know what is the size of a ping pong table.

Don’t be worried to much, we will help you with the information of both official and recreational sizes of a ping pong table.

The official ping pong table requirement

Let’s talk about the standard size of a ping pong table first.
According to ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), a ping pong table used in official occasions should be 2.74m long and 1.525m wide, with a height of 0.76 cm.

The surface of the table must be flat and made of resistant material. Some common materials used in ping pong table are wood, a plastic layer and metal frame.

Shape is also a requirement for this ping pong table, which in this case is rectangle. The net need to be 15.25cm high and be placed on the width of the table. Last but not least, a white line should run along the border with a thinner line in the middle, splits the table into 2 areas.

These factors contribute a standard ping pong table used in official occasions such as the Olympic Games.

What about the normal size for ping pong table in recreational use?

Though the dimension for these ping pong tables should be similar to the official ones, the size isn’t strictly demanded. The regulation size for tournament, as we mentioned above, is 2.74m long and 1.525m wide, with a height of 0.76m.

There are various sizes of table found in the USA with entertaining purpose. Most of them is smaller than the standard size:It can be 2.12m x 1.06m but still have the height of 0.76 m. If you’re looking to buy one of these, keep in mind to find ones tagged “Midsize” or “mini”table.

Smaller size is sure more convenient for recreational games and also storage. You can place it in any room you want and relocate at ease. Not to mention, a table with this size is perfect for beginners and children to get to know this interesting sport.

Well, even though this size is pretty popular among the US, you should yourself decide what size of a ping pong table would suit you the most. This is just recommending, take advices from your friends or family to come up with a proper measurement.

One last thing, you can choose the size of the ping pong table but remember to keep the proportions between the length and the width. Also, one quick tip, you should make the table legs adjustable so you can lower it for small children or raise it higher for your tall friends.


What is the size of a ping pong table? This question isn’t very hard to answer but it’s really important to consider. the following aspect to keep in mind are markings and net. These factors can affect your experience with ping pong. With the standard size of 2.74 m long, 1.525 m widd and 0.76 m high, you can easily adapt to the common situation and can even play in competitive events. In the other hand, a suitable size of a ping pong table is easier to start with and more comfortable to enjoy. For any size you may choose, try to balance the proportions before setting up your own ping pong table.