Table Tennis For Beginners

Table Tennis or table tennis as it is known famous is a fast-paced game, easy to play. It has stayed with us for many years now but continues to attract players, especially at the price of quality table tables.

But to game the right way, you need to have the proper equipment and techniques. Even though testing is a part of the game, beginners must start with the basics. To get started, you need a racquet, ball, mesh and table. They come in different styles from a variety of manufacturers.

Select the device that fits your skill level and style of play is essential. Fortunately, there are standards in table tennis equipment that you can easily follow to make a guess when buying. This will help you choose a concrete blade (the main body of the paddle) and the rubber (surface play).

When playing table tennis, beware of two things – your balls and placements. Keep an eye on the ball to know where it hit the side of the table and your opponent hit it like that. Take note of his speed, direction and rotation. Determine where you are when you run the ball and respond respectively.

To do this, create a snapshot with your eyes every time the ball is bouncing or beaten. Prepare for the next ball by touching the ground by foot before you hit the ball. Then The racket follows the same direction or the reverse of the vortex. Between the two, the opposite direction will be safer because you will be in the same direction as the ball goes, giving you more time to react.

Often people start to look good when heated up. Their hand-handed and blow-off Owls are well-suited and have good style. But when the match starts, things change when their opponents move the ball around using a different position and rotate. That is why it is essential to study your opponents carefully and react appropriately.

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Stiga Table Tennis Review

What is Stiga table tennis? It is undoubtedly one of the best tennis now on the market currently. Stiga has long been associated with quality craftsmanship and stability. It is recognized worldwide as a brand choice of ping pong. The company supports their work by providing guarantees and the like, to ensure the highest quality accessories and table tennis tables. Most people who own ping pong and tennis ewuipments can see that the label Stiga, has long been a leading manufacturer of ping pong tables.

They also sponsor a number of leading tennis players in the world, and this led to further popularity of the company engaged in the production of these products. They was created in 1944. This company soon developed a reputation as a leader in innovation and design of sport ewuipments. They were the first to introduce many new features, such as the use of aluminum and plastic in the tables.

If you want to buy ping pong equipment now you need to know what brand to choose. But first you have any studies to determine the right table for you, including measurements of a room or garage, you want to save in the ping pong also use the Internet to look at prices, determined to buy a Stiga table tennis equipments for your sport activity. Look for accessories that will form part of your holiday needs!. Go search for it..

It is not clear that the competition that their durability, stability and reputation to match. They surf the web and select Stiga table tennis Table hence are very difficult to go wrong decision, as it is.

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Table Tennis Tables Resurgence In Hotels And Offices

Table tennis is simple objects. But very simple things often offer the most fun. Now, all over the world, table tennis desks are looking for significant exposure to potential players in impossible places. From modest origins in the UK, table tennis is a relaxed but competitive game that anyone can play has made it a very fashionable fad in 1920 years. It begins to become popular around the world, which is represented in many countries and today the Chinese dominate the ranks of the upper world.

But now in the Naughty ping pong is looking for a new home-on-campus and hallway of hotels and offices. "We retail table quality tables for indoor and outdoor use," Chris Prentis, Director of table tennis retailers Super Tramp Ltd. In Devon, United Kingdom explained. The company sells trampolines and outdoor play equipment and is witnessing a considerable revival in his table tennis table. "We find that our tables are increasingly being purchased by hotels and campsites, where they can place a fixed outdoor pong table on the site and allow their customers to play for free as a value added. Recreation area and for parents, they are better options to play video games. "Businesses are also buying table tennis tables for outdoor reservations as well as in standard rooms, helping their employees actively exercise during lunchtime and holiday. In the UK, smoking bans allow smokers to breathe outside while practicing Fitness!

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Why Play Table Tennis?

There are dozens of reasons to consider choosing ping pong as a hobby or sport. Perhaps you have never found the fitness aspect of table tennis, but this sport can undoubtedly help your heartbeat increase and help you sweat. As long as you play, the sport is becoming faster and you will never be able to refuse the health benefits again. If you have never played, then you should choose a new paddle, find a table and a partner, then watch some video table tennis to know the tips.

Fortunately, ping pong is a slow-acting sport. This means that people who are injured or disabled can find table tennis is the perfect solution for less active lifestyles. No contact, you will never have to worry about aggravating an old injury, and you certainly will never get the new wound. Add to that is the competitive feeling of the game, and you’ve got something that crosses the walk on the treadmill any day.

Anyone can play. There is no age boundary because children can quickly capture the rules of the game. Senior citizens have also noticed that this sport is gentle enough on their muscles and joints; this makes it the perfect way to remain active after other sports are no longer available. Even those who have never played before have also found that a little tutorial or even video table ping, can put them on the path pretty fast. There may not be significant competition in the future, but there are dozens of health benefits!

When you look at all of the healthy positive sides that come with table tennis, you can even forget about the spiritual aspects. Like many sports, table tennis can significantly increase hand coordination with eyes. You play games for as long as you can move faster. Once you have mastered the coordination facet, you can start thinking at a deeper level, strategically plan and enjoy the excess of the opponent.

With many benefits that table tennis can bring, you should plan to catch this sport as soon as possible. Go to your local sports shop, pick up some paddles and table tennis, pick a couple of video ping-pong guides, and then work to master a new game for your body and mind.

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What is the Standard size of a ping pong table?

Enter your text hEver heard of Ping pong? Of course you do! It’s a mini version of Tennis which explains the name “Table Tennis”. One of the most important thing about this sport is the “table” part. While it does not require a compulsory size like most other sport, it still has some proportions to follow. This article will show you what is the size of a ping pong table.

Ping pong (also know as table tennis) is among most popular sports to play in spare time. The game is simple with little requirement and most of all, available for all ages.

Despite the simplicity, ping pong isn’t lack of fun at all. It’s easy to play and also quite various to play. It ranges from recreation to professional competition such as The Olympic. In these special occasions, the size of ping pong is required to meet a specific standard.

However, as for recreation, there can be many option for the equipments. Balls and paddles are available in every sport store, and the table isn’t that hard to make one yourself at home.
To make a proper ping pong table, you have to know what is the size of a ping pong table.

Don’t be worried to much, we will help you with the information of both official and recreational sizes of a ping pong table.

The official ping pong table requirement

Let’s talk about the standard size of a ping pong table first.
According to ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), a ping pong table used in official occasions should be 2.74m long and 1.525m wide, with a height of 0.76 cm.

The surface of the table must be flat and made of resistant material. Some common materials used in ping pong table are wood, a plastic layer and metal frame.

Shape is also a requirement for this ping pong table, which in this case is rectangle. The net need to be 15.25cm high and be placed on the width of the table. Last but not least, a white line should run along the border with a thinner line in the middle, splits the table into 2 areas.

These factors contribute a standard ping pong table used in official occasions such as the Olympic Games.

What about the normal size for ping pong table in recreational use?

Though the dimension for these ping pong tables should be similar to the official ones, the size isn’t strictly demanded. The regulation size for tournament, as we mentioned above, is 2.74m long and 1.525m wide, with a height of 0.76m.

There are various sizes of table found in the USA with entertaining purpose. Most of them is smaller than the standard size:It can be 2.12m x 1.06m but still have the height of 0.76 m. If you’re looking to buy one of these, keep in mind to find ones tagged “Midsize” or “mini”table.

Smaller size is sure more convenient for recreational games and also storage. You can place it in any room you want and relocate at ease. Not to mention, a table with this size is perfect for beginners and children to get to know this interesting sport.

Well, even though this size is pretty popular among the US, you should yourself decide what size of a ping pong table would suit you the most. This is just recommending, take advices from your friends or family to come up with a proper measurement.

One last thing, you can choose the size of the ping pong table but remember to keep the proportions between the length and the width. Also, one quick tip, you should make the table legs adjustable so you can lower it for small children or raise it higher for your tall friends.


What is the size of a ping pong table? This question isn’t very hard to answer but it’s really important to consider. the following aspect to keep in mind are markings and net. These factors can affect your experience with ping pong. With the standard size of 2.74 m long, 1.525 m widd and 0.76 m high, you can easily adapt to the common situation and can even play in competitive events. In the other hand, a suitable size of a ping pong table is easier to start with and more comfortable to enjoy. For any size you may choose, try to balance the proportions before setting up your own ping pong table.