Pre Made Table Tennis Bats Vs Custom Made

In table tennis you can choose between one of two bat choices. You can either choose a pre made bat which is already assembled with a blade, a forehand and backhand rubber or the custom made option where you have the flexibility to choose your own rubbers and blade. In this article I will discuss both options so that you can decide the best type of bat that would suit your needs.

Pre Made Table Tennis BatsĀ 
As I mentioned above, pre made bats are factory assembled which basically means they can be obtained relatively easily without too much problem. It also means that you do not have to worry about what type of rubbers or blade to use. Another advantage with using a pre made bat is they are often cheaper than custom bats due to them being mass produced and being preassembled and supplied to retail suppliers direct from the factory.

Overall, I would recommend pre made bats for the beginning player new to the sport, but if you are a more experienced player then you may want to consider acquiring a custom bat which we will discuss in the next section.

Custom Table Tennis BatsĀ 
Custom made table tennis bats are generally assembled by players who buy a blade of their choice and then buy two rubbers (one black and one red) to glue onto the forehand and backhand side of the new bat. A custom bat is popular with more experienced players as they are aware what strengths they have and therefore know what they need as far as choosing the best and most appropriate rubbers to compliment their personal playing style. This is the main advantage of playing with a custom bat.

However, it needs to be mentioned that the blade and rubbers that make up a custom bat which are purchased separately can often be very costly.

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