Rich and Flavorful History of Table Tennis

The game table tennis had a rich and flavourful history. When it was first created, there were little controversies surrounding it. It wasn’t permitted to be played outside England because of the sole reason that the game is a high paced competition and may require an impulsive and artless action and reflex. The people believed that table tennis will just damage the visual capacity of the competitors as well as its audience eyes. As a matter of fact, there are other countries that are planning to ban this game.

However during period of 1920, England exerted a lot of effort to save the game. They created ways in order to promote this game not only on their neighbouring country but to the whole world as well. Their first problem was the official name for the game. They generated a lot of names but they opted for it. In 1921, an authorized body was formed which is referred as Table Tennis Association. After five years, a bigger organization was formed again which is known as International Table Tennis Federation. After these organizations were introduced in the world, different competitions whether local or international was started. It was London that first hosted the foremost international competition for this game. It was date last 1927.

From then on, a lot of people were addicted with the sport. With the continuing demand and rise of game enthusiasts, it paved way for more enhancements. It was on 1950 that the racket was developed to a more refined one. They have placed rubber and sponge in order to have a more sophisticated look. Actually there were a lot of methodological variations created. It permitted the players to play a wide variety of stroke. Now you can see table tennis being played in Olympic Games. With a wide range of spectators, you can really say that table tennis or commonly known as ping pong had a rich and flavourful history.

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